Parents Of Bullying Victims Seek Help

What Memphis is doing to stop bullying

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(Memphis) “I didn’t realize it was that deep until she told me she didn’t want to wake up. She didn’t want to wake up anymore,” mother Clara West said.

They are words no parent wants to hear, but West heard them from her 8-year-old daughter after she was bullied at school.

Bullying is a real threat, and parents are at a cross roads on getting help .

“I wasn’t taken seriously. I didn’t know how to deal with it,” West said.

So West created an anti-bullying program to take into schools, churches and the community.

The KoKo and Friends Program, or Keep on Keeping On, places volunteers in schools and neighborhoods to look out for problems and mentor kids.

The ‘Not on Our Watch’ portion focuses on relationships and the real issues behind bullying.

“Togetherness, community, us coming together understanding our differences, coming together so so we…

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